With self-isolation the current normal, the days can feel very long and lonely. Particularly for Mums who have momentarily lost the opportunity to build their village through face-to-face classes and events.

    So I’m here to try and help. I have compiled a list of online group classes and sessions as the next best thing. Lots of Mamas are still craving inclusion and connection so I hope you take the opportunity to join in on some of the sessions below. You never know when a conversation might start up and you click with a like minded Mama.

    Enjoy, Mama Bear! You deserve it!

    illustration of a mother sitting at a table in front of a laptop, smiling and waving at the screen with her left hand while holding a baby with her right arm

    For Mum and Baby

    Baby Massage Perth – teaching you how to massage your baby with correct technique to help overcome the most common issues babies and infants encounter in their first years. Available as a one off introductory class or a 4 week course.

    Stay Home Mums – a virtual mothers group curated by Heidi Anderson and Edwina Bartholomew. They have created ‘a place to share all the shitty & glorious moments of being a first time Mum or soon to be mum’. You can find the community on both Instagram and Facebook.

    Gymbaroo (Active Babies Smart Kids) – This is not a live class, but pre-recorded sessions however it is still a fab activity to enjoy with your bub. Join in the fun activities, dance and sing with your baby as you learn the how and why of tummy time, baby exercises, baby massage, speech development, baby balance and more. Help build key brain pathways for later learning.

    Move and Groove – This is perfect if your little bub has older siblings! Move and Groove is a half hour session aimed at toddlers – preschoolers. They will sing and learn with interactive music with instruments, shapes, numbers and colours.

    Western Kids Health – Nicole is running a free ‘New Mums Group‘ via zoom each week for 6 weeks to provide ideas, support and guidance from a paediatric physio for bubs aged 0-12 weeks. The Senior Physiotherapists from Western Kids Health also run Physiotherapy Virtual Classes for babies across 6 week blocks. Each week includes a half hour session and will cover information on milestones, demonstrations for play and positioning ideas, question time, feedback and coaching as you practice the activities on your own bub. You can contact the clinic via their website for further information on upcoming classes.

    For Mum

    The Motherhood Hub – Kristin is a mindfulness coach who supports modern day Mums through the everyday emotional and mental roller coaster of Motherhood. Are you feeling stressed, fearful or anxious during these challenging times? Do you need to overcome exhaustion, burnout and overwhelm? Are you ready to show up for your family from a place of love, curiosity and laughter? Kristin may just be the support you need! Jump on a free 30 minute call so you can decide if she is the perfect cheerleader for you! Also, she has currently discounted her 4 week support package to support Mum’s through these unprecedented times.

    Bloom Postnatal: Journaling Mother’s Circle – an online mothers circle with a difference. You will be guided through the process of journaling before everyone writes together. Everyone will have the opportunity to go deep and explore their journey with motherhood, to bear witness for each other, share insights and support each other.


    Baby and Toddler Meal Time – Dr Kyla Smith helps you learn to feed your baby with confidence and helps babies learn to love meal times.

    Exercise & Fitness

    Fit Right – FitRight offers physiotherapist-led small group pregnancy and postnatal exercise classes. Movements are low impact and pelvic-floor-friendly while still being challenging.

    MamaBe – Online prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. After attending the live class, you will be emailed the class recording link which will be valid for one week.

    KangaTraining – A total full body workout where you get to wear you baby! As well as keeping bub happy while you get to move your body, the baby wearing helps to promote mother and baby bonding.

    Flow Hive Yoga – Flow Hive Yoga have added a 20 minute express meditation to their online offerings. This is incredible for busy Mums to squeeze some self care into their day. Meditation helps to fuel the body, calm the nervous system and connect inwards. Perfect for experienced and beginner meditators.

    The Jungle Body – Dance inspired workouts even for the most unco! It is super easy to follow while still very intense. The Jungle Body┬« Formula ensures that any age, shape, fitness level and body type can do this amazing cardio workout.

    Bloom Yoga – Yoga classes either on demand or a 5 week course. Sessions include pregnancy yoga or interactive mum and bub sessions. There is also tonnes of extra content, virtual catch ups and meditations.

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