There are a number of different options available to you if you choose to, or are required to, see an Obstetrician throughout your pregnancy.

    Firstly…what exactly is an OB? An Obstetrician is a physician or surgeon qualified to practice in obstetrics. They have special training to support mothers and babies presenting with high risks pregnancies and complications during birth. 

    So in comparison to a Midwife who are experts in normal, natural birth; an Obstetrician is a surgeon with special training to support high risks/complications during pregnancy and birth. Obstetricians are a needed profession for women who do have a high risk pregnancy however they shouldn’t be seen as the experts in all birth.

    You can read more about Midwife care options here or if you are having trouble deciding which is the right care provider option is right for you, visit this blog here to help you decide.

    Here are some things to consider if you do decide an Obstetrician is the right choice for your care:

    • OB’s see high risk issues so they will often err on the side of caution if something looks like it may present a risk. This increases the chance of interventions.
    • You will still have out of pocket expenses for their care even with private health insurance
    • Time spent with your OB at antenatal appointments is typically shorter than if your primary care is with a Midwife as his/her team of Midwives will typically conduct all the routine health checks. This means less time bonding and connecting with your primary care provider.
    • An OB may pop in and out while you’re in labour, but often you won’t see them until it’s time to push. The Midwives who work with the Obstetrician will support you for majority of your labour.

    So, what are the options if you do decide you would like your care through an Obstetrician?

    Private Hospital Options

    Most commonly, you would be attending a private hospital and you would have the option on the Obstetrician you book with.

    Public Hospitals with Private Patient Services

    If you have a valid Medicare number as well as private health insurance with obstetric cover, you can choose to be treated as private patient at Armadale Health Services. You will be required to see one of the hospitals GP Obstetricians for you care.

    Hospitals with GP Shared Care admitting rights

    Another option is if your family GP is also an Obstetrician. Some hospitals allow what is known as Shared Care so you can have majority of your antenatal appointments with your GP/OB but your care would be transferred to a hospital at 36 weeks up until birth.

    Independent Obstetricians

    You can also hire an Obstetrician who doesn’t work directly for a hospital (although clinics may be located inside private hospitals). The level of care provided during your antenatal period and during birth will depend on your individual circumstances.

    • One For Women Clinics located in Joondalup, Murdoch, Midland and Mt Lawley

    As you can see, there are a lot of different hospital options if you are wanting to hire an Obstetrician for you pregnancy care. You can take the time to interview multiple Obstetricians to find one that meets your personal care needs.

    To read more about Midwifery care, visit this blog here. If you would like more help deciding which maternity care provider is right for you, visit this blog here.

    *If you notice an update or error in this blog, please contact me to advise so this information can remain as accurate and up to date as possible. 

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