An immersive experience for pregnant Mamas to amplify their intuition, quieten their mind & tap into their own unique vision for birth & motherhood

    Connection to self

    We deep dive into what you truly want as your vision for birth and postpartum (not the one society tells you should want). You’ll connect to yourself, your intuition, your guiding light as we explore, connect and grow together. 

    Pregnancy yoga

    The wonderful Lauren from     In Birth & Beyond will be leading a nourishing yoga session to get any stagnant energy moving. You’ll feel rested, recharged and connected to your body and your baby.

    Mother blessing

    The absolute magic Zsuzsa will be guiding you through a blissful mother blessing. Zsuzsa’s calling is to create beautiful spaces for women to heal, transform and expand. This space is a deep honoring and celebration of YOU.  

    I  see you…

    You’re seeking, curious

    You have a lot of questions but aren’t sure where to find the answers

    You feel an internal pulling to question the status quo of maternity and motherhood but struggle with what that means or what that looks like

    Your intuition has been stirred, you want to experience this rite of passage differently

    You don’t want to be told what to do but are seeking guidance

    You’re willing to put in the work to find the right path into motherhood, to make changes, have deep conversations and sit in reflection

    THIS container Mama, this safe space is for you!

    What’s included

    Your experience includes:

    • A one day immersive experience facilitated on zoom 
    • Postpartum planning and birth mindset sessions facilitated by Kirryn
    • A guided pregnancy yoga session and education on Optimal Maternal Positioning facilitated by Lauren
    • New Earth Mama Blessing to nurture your soul facilitated by Zsuzsa
    • Postpartum session (topic TBC) facilitated by Yara
    • A special little somethin’ somethin’ in the snail mail because how fun is receiving parcels?!
    • A pre-recorded interview with Tracey Spencer on Postpartum Power: Owning your postpartum journey, building your queen team and softening into your new season as a mother. 


    Ready to Nurture YOU?

    A one day, online, immersive experience for pregnant Mamas.

    Where: Zoom

    Date: Saturday 9 October 2021

    Time: 10am – 4.30pm

    Early Bird: $109 (ends Tuesday 7 Sept 11:59pm)

    General Admission: $139 

    When was the last time you allowed space to truly nurture your soul? To shut the world out and connect to yourself? To take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the actual miracle that your womb is growing?

    This workshop is designed to bring a moment of slowness to your fast paced world. It is your chance to turn your energy inward, quieten your mind and feel. Feel a deep connection to yourself, your body, your baby and your own unique visions for birth and motherhood.

    I know you are feeling those pangs of ‘this experience should be different’. Your intuition is speaking to you – it’s nudging you to find your own path. It’s guiding you to question the norm and seek your truth. I also know that this can feel challenging, scary and unknown. It can be hard to know what to do with these nudges or whether they should be trusted. 

    We are powerful beings with deep, intuitive knowings but these can often be dulled by external stories and pressures. This is your time to step off the conveyor belt and step into your truth within a safe container. Your journey on the day will be guided but your experience will be as unique as you are. 

    The day will involve plenty of opportunity for reflection and deep connection to yourself. You won’t just be sitting in front of a screen all day. You will be doing the work. By the end of the day you are going to feel so inspired, trusting, nurtured, celebrated and loved on!

    Your Facilitators

    Kirryn Simpson – Bear Your Birth

    Kirryn is a childbirth educator and Birth & Postpartum Coach. She is passionate about helping women find their power and reconnect to their intuition as they step into the role of life creator and mother. Having gone on her own journey of rediscovery since becoming a Mum, she knows how liberating connecting to your own truth can be! 

    Lauren Mclean – In Birth & Beyond

    Lauren is a low tox living, tea lover, mama of two. She is a childbirth educator, Optimal Maternal Positioning ambassador and yoga teacher. She has had two powerful, life changing home births. Lauren supports mamas to build confidence and trust through pregnancy with an array of mindset tools while also reminding Mamas of their innate wisdom and power.

    Yara Heary – Life After Birth Psychology

    The drive for Yara to support women was sparked after she struggled with her own adjustment to motherhood and realised she wasn’t alone. She  creates a warm, compassionate, and non judgemental space for her clients to feel safe, seen, and heard. She wants all women and mothers to know that they are ENOUGH. You don’t have to struggle in silence, and on your own.

    Zsuzsa Octaviano

    Zsuzsa’s own journey of self discovery started at 20 when she decided she was already worthy. She found her way through the mud of needing life to be perfect. Instead, she tapped into the beauty and experimentation of living a life that was hers, minus the BS she had been conditioned into. Through Kundalini Yoga, Human Design and Embodiment she teaches the power and potency of your inherent power and unique codes for living.

    This is for you if you’re:

    • Currently pregnant, no matter how many weeks
    • Feeling disconnected to your vision from birth
    • Craving space to nurture your mind and soul
    • Seeking a safe container to connect with your intuitive knowings
    • Want a nourishing celebration of YOU in all your pregnant glory

    This isn’t for you if you’re:

    • Not pregnant
    • Not open to looking inward
    • Unable to participate in pregnancy yoga (or be willing to sit that session out)
    • Full of judgement towards others differing perspectives of birth and motherhood
    • Not able to commit the full day

    New Earth Mama Blessing

    Pregnancy is a sacred rite of passage. A holy and transformative rite of passage that will bring about healing as well as challenges. In typical modern society we put an emphasis on baby, but what about mama? 

    Emotional, energetic and spiritual care for mama is so important. A mother blessing is a sacred space which honours the mother, nourishes her as she moves through this rite of passage. I wish I could do this for every mother-to-be I know!

    A New Earth Mama Blessing held by Zsuzsa will be a sacred ceremony for your (re)birth. Rituals, Kundalini Meditation and a healing space for your pregnancy and journey towards motherhood to be held in reverence.

    Included (but not limited to!) in the New Earth Mama Blessing
    – 60 minute virtual mama blessing
    – a guided kundalini meditation for mothers-to-be
    – fear releasing ritual
    – connection to your matriarchal ancestry
    – how to re-write your relationship to motherhood and how to rewrite your relationship to receiving support
    – other magical sh*t that can’t be predicted because each space is divine and unique and there are always magical experiences that women had not realised they would experience!

    If you purchase your ticket prior to 19 September,  Zsuzsa will be gifting you some items to incorporate into the New Earth Mama Blessing. These will be coming with your snail mail gift. 

    The blessing can be done without these items, but it does add an extra element of connection throughout the ceremony. If you buy a ticket after that date and wish to source them for yourself, they are easy to find. You’ll need:

    -Red String
    -Dried Lavender & Rosemary

    You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers…

    When, where, how? I need all the logistics!

    I get ya Mama, me too! We’ll meet on zoom on Saturday 9 October from 10am – 4.30pm. We’ll break for lunch in that time so make sure you pre-plan a super nourishing lunch for yourself. 

    What should I wear?

    Whatever lights you up! It’s online, so stay in your PJ’s if that’s what you are called to do! We will have a yoga session so something that allows you to get bendy (as much as you can with your belly) would be ideal. 

    What do I need to bring / have available?

    We will be writing down some reflections so make sure you have a journal or notebook handy. You will also need some space for a yoga session and anything you need to support you through this. Eg a mat, a boulster, pillows, etc.

    If you purchase your ticket prior to 19 September,  Zsuzsa will be gifting you some items to incorporate into the New Earth Mama Blessing. These will be coming with your snail mail gift. 

    The blessing can be done without these items, but it does add an extra element of connection throughout the ceremony. If you buy a ticket after that date and wish to source them for yourself, they are easy to find. You’ll need:

    -Red String
    -Dried Lavender & Rosemary

    Lastly, it’s not a requirement, but you may like to set your space up in a way that feels nourishing to you – candles, incense, diffuser,  comfortable place to sit and enjoy the day (in bed, cushions on the floor, etc).

    You want a whole day from me? A WHOLE day? Do you know how many baby stores I need to get to, how long it takes to research the perfect pram and how dedicated I am to picking the perfect nursery decor? I don’t think I can spare a whole day.

    I hear you, I truly do and I also want to lovingly challenge you on this. We are sold the idea that these things – prams, cots, clothes – are the all important part of getting organised for a baby. But here’s a secret…they’re not. The most important part is YOU. How is your mindset, what support do you have, how is your postpartum planning, do you know what you want or are you being swept up in checkboxes of shoulds and have-tos?

    Nurturing YOU is your guiding light back to yourself. It’s a time for you to explore and reflect about the vision you want for yourself. It’s a time for you to feel loved on and nurtured. It’s a guilt free space for you to be number 1!

    Where you put your energy during this time truly matters. So let me ask you – do you want to spend another Saturday running through a never ending to-do list created by society or do you want to join me for a day of recharging your battery, connecting to yourself and feeling nourished as fuck?

    How will the day run?

    We will kick off at 10am sharp – It’s not too early of a start so you can still enjoy your Saturday morning breaky and make it on time to the zen den. 

    10am – 11.30am Your Birth Mindset Matters facilitated by Kirryn

    11.30am – 11.45am Optimal Maternal Positioning facilitated by Lauren

    11.45am – 12.30pm Pregnancy yoga facilitated by Lauren

    12.30pm – 1.30pm lunch break (make sure you organise something nourishing for yourself)

    1.30pm – 2.15pm facilitated by Yara

    2.15pm – 3.00pm Postpartum Planning facilitated by Kirryn

    3.00pm – 4.00pm Mother Blessing facilitated by Zsuzsa

    4.00pm – 4.30pm Final wrap up facilitated by Kirryn

    I have an older child, can they be around for the workshop?

    Here’s my firm but loving reminder to you Mama – you are worthy of and entitled to a day to yourself. My recommendation is to find someone to care for your child/ren so you can really sink deep into this immersive experience. There is no doubt you will get so much more out of it. Please don’t fall into the trap in thinking that because this is an online workshop, you will be able to pop in and out while still getting the same impact from the sessions. 

    However, in saying that, if it’s reeeaaaally not possible for someone to care for your child, you will have your microphone on mute for the majority of the day so any background noise won’t be heard by the group. 

    Will there be a recording available?

    Another loving challenge Mama (can you feel a theme emerging here…). If you’ve commited to purchasing a ticket, I deeply encourage you to show up fully and presently for the day.

    Set the time aside and honor it. Do it for yourself.

    Just as you would clear your day for an in person workshop, I encourage you do to the same for this online workshop.

    Due to honoring confidentiality of Mamas sharing in this safe space, I will not be distributing recordings of this workshop.

    Can I get a refund if I go into labour or give birth prior to the event?

    I will be looking at partial refunds on a case by case basis. Once I receive your order, I will be sending a gift so this cost won’t be refunded. Please contact me as soon as you can if this is your situation so we can discuss.

    If you join the workshop, even for part of the day, I won’t be able to offer you a refund.

    I can’t wait to have you join our sacred space. 

    I know you’re busy Mama, but taking this time for yourself will leave you feeling rested, recharged and deeply connected to yourself and your baby.

    So unplug everything except your laptop charger and join us for this unforgettable immersive workshop with this line up of magic facilitators!

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