Nurture the Mother

    Birth & Postpartum Coaching


    Your 6 month journey to tapping in to your power, tuning in to your intuition and nurturing yourself with the support you need during this transformative time in your life.


    Hey Mama-To-Be

    I see you there – as excited as you are nervous about the epic journey you’re embarking on. 

    You’ve likely decided you need to know ALL.THE.THINGS!

    You start researching what to expect while you’re expecting (thanks Dr Google!). 

    You join all those ‘helpful’ Facebook groups.

    And you’re doing all you possibly can to ensure your beautiful baby has a wonderful birth. 

    Very quickly, however, you start feeling overwhelmed and you decide you’re going to just go with the flow. 

    There is SO much information out there, too much even. And most of it is conflicting! 

    ‘Do I need all these tests or don’t I?! What’s the fourth trimester all about?! Do I really need a birth plan and where do I even start?!’ 

    Your head is spinning with questions and decision fatigue.

    But you’re not quite sure who to turn to for help with calming your nerves; or to speak about your deepest fears; or to ask those embarrassing questions. Your bestie? Your midwife? Your own Mama? 

    And if you’re really honest, you actually have no idea how you’re going to get through the next 6 months! The birth…the feeding…the sleepless nights!?  

    The thought of it all makes you want to cry into your pregnancy pillow. 

    I get it. It’s full on. I’ve been there….twice over! 

    And that’s why I am wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting Soon-To-Be Mama’s, just like you, move through pregnancy and into the postpartum period in the most empowered, supported and intuitive way possible.


    My name is Kirryn, and I’m a childbirth educator (a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner), a Postpartum Doula AND a Mama of two beautiful girls. I’ve combined all of these passions to become your ultimate Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach.

    What does this mean? 

    I’m your cheerleader, support crew, and ultimate go-to-girl as you prepare for your birth, and transition into the incredible journey of motherhood.

    Here’s what I know to be true

    That pregnancy, birth & postpartum shouldn’t be something you just survive, but THRIVE in.

    That we – as women and mothers – have innate intuition and when we tap into that, we tap into our POWER .

    That we were never meant to go through this alone so creating our own village of support can completely TRANSFORM our experience.

    My journey to conception was a long one…

    When we finally fell pregnant, I had no idea how I was going to manage everything I was about to embark on. 

    First off – how was I going to get this baby out of me?? The thought of it terrified me. I let the fear consume me for a large part of my pregnancy before I finally decided there MUST be a better way! 

    It led me on a journey to discover how I could empower myself and create a birth experience that felt really good to me. I’ve been able to create not only one, but two incredible birth experiences for myself. 

    I hear what you’re thinking though – “She’s just lucky she didn’t have any complications”. 

    Yes it’s true – birth is unpredictable. But I also worked to cultivate an environment and mindset that set myself and baby up with the best chance possible for a positive experience. 

    Your mindset and environment can greatly impact your birth outcomes, no matter how your birth progresses. 

    So now I’m on a mission to show women how they can empower themselves as I walk alongside them on their journey. 

    Here’s how I’ll help you discover this yourself

    • I’ll help you tune into your intuition and trust it as your guiding source throughout pregnancy and motherhood.
    • I’ll help you figure out what a positive birth experience and postpartum that feels joyful looks like to you – because this is different for everyone. 
    • We’ll create a safe container where we can discuss your worries or concerns as you progress through pregnancy and postpartum.
    • I’ll guide you through any mindset blocks so you feel completely confident and excited for your birth and life with your new little bub (or bubs! Go you!).
    • I’ll share information to help you make decisions that come from trusted, evidence based sources and is free from judgement (goodbye rabbit hole of Google searches and Facebook groups!). 
    • We’ll celebrate YOU during this sacred time as you journey through all the ups and downs of discovering your new self. 

    Just take a moment, close your eyes and picture this nurturing, safe support as part of your maiden to mother journey. You SO deserve this, Mama.

    Wonderful words from past clients

    “Kirryn is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things positive labour and birth! My partner and I are feeling incredibly empowered and are looking forward to our birthing day with excitement and joy, as we’ve been equipped with an abundance of tools to promote the birth experience we desire.”


    “I am so glad I chose to do the course with Kirryn. She is one special human, compassionate, funny, knowledgeable and CALM. No question is a stupid question. We feel so very confident now and excited about meeting our little one. No fear, pure happiness. It will be a fantastic journey and we are so happy to start it with the right frame of mind. Thank you Kirryn!”


    “Kirryn went over and above for me to support our positive birth experience. I went from having anxiety about labour, to genuinely being really excited to give birth and meet our little girl! I loved the course work and that it gave my husband really proactive ways he could be involved in the birth”


    I am here and ready to meet you exactly where you’re at

    I’m here to help you understand the changes that your mind and body experience as you move through pregnancy and postpartum. 

    By understanding these changes, you can embrace and enjoy your journey instead of not recognising the person you are blossoming into. 

    I want you to feel uplifted, supported and confident in making choices that feel good for you and not make choices based on what society tells you is best. 

    Some of the practical things we may chat about include (but definitely not limited to)…

    • Understanding your birth mindset
    • How your body works during labour
    • Birth preferences & the role of your support team
    • How to make empowered decisions throughout labour
    • How your birth partner can support and protect your birth space
    • Birth reflections
    • Setting boundaries during labour and postpartum
    • Postpartum planning
    • How to ask for and accept help throughout postpartum
    • How you can have your needs met while you’re feeling sleep deprived

    This coaching program is for you if you are:

    • Seeking feminine, intuitive support in a non-medical capacity
    • Ready to be open and honest about your desires and fears when it comes to birth and postpartum
    • Wanting access to evidence based, judgement free resources to help you make informed, empowered choices throughout pregnancy and postpartum
    • Seeking guidance on how to return to yourself and your intuition when making decisions
    • Looking for someone to welcome and encourage the full range of emotions you’re experiencing (let’s laugh and cry and laugh again)

    This coaching program isn’t for you if you

    • Aren’t currently pregnant or have a bub older than 12 months old
    • Want me to attend your birth as a support person (I’ve got you in the lead up and afterwards – more on that below!)
    • Are looking for someone to just give you all the answers
    • Are looking for medical advice
    • Are needing in-person support

    So now the juicy part – what is actually included? You’ll receive

    • An initial 90 minute zoom to deep dive exactly what is important to you and where you want to be

    • 60 minute zoom catch ups every fortnight (5 calls for 3 months, 11 calls for 6 months)

    • Voice/text support through Voxer

    • Your Birth Prep Plan

    • Additional resources and checklists to assist at different points along your journey

    Your investment

    $2999 for 6 months

    ($550/mth for a monthly payment plan)

    $1899 for 3 months

    ($670/mth for a monthly payment plan)

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you able to support us at birth?

    I don’t attend births to support you on the day. This coaching program is to equip you and your birth partner with skills to have your own positive birth experience. We’ll cover lots of prep prior to birth and discuss your birth reflections after. 

    Does my birth partner need to attend all the zoom meetings?

    I would recommend they attend some, but they do not need to attend all if that is your preference. We can discuss your individual preferences and find dates and times to suit.

    Do you have any medical qualifications?

    I do not have any medical qualifications – my goal is to guide you to make informed, empowered decisions through the use of evidence based research. I’m your hype gal, your cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on. I don’t offer any medical advice whatsoever.

    Do you teach the Hypnobirthing Australia tools and techniques as part of your coaching?

    No, I don’t. You can expect lots of discussion around preparing for birth and understanding the birth process, but any tools or techniques designed by Hypnobirthing Australia will only be taught within those classes. If you are interested in Hypnobirthing I provide a package that includes this at a VIP rate, however this is not in any way essential to your coaching experience. 

    Will I need the 3 or 6 month option?

    I would only recommend booking only booking the 3 month service if your bub is 6+ months old. If you are currently pregnant or have a baby younger than 6 months old, having more time together will allow for deeper support for you. Postpartum doesn’t end after your 6 week check up! If you would like to discuss which option would work best for you, schedule a chat with me here

    Do I have to be in Perth to book this service?

    No way, baby! This whole service is virtual so you can live anywhere around Australia. This also makes it perfect for rural Mamas who have less local support options available.


    You deserve to invest in yourself and create an experience that you look back on fondly. 

    If you’d like to see if I’m the right person to nurture you through this time, I invite you to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation

    OR are you all in and want to bypass the call? I LOVE decisive action! Click the Book Now button and let’s get this support party started!

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