Please note that the next round of Matrescence Unlocked has been indefinitely postponed. If you are interested in working with me for matrescence coaching, please contact me here. 

    A sanctuary of self discovery for mothers moving through matrescence

    Bringing the messiness of motherhood out of the shadows so you can trust yourself when it counts.

    Motherhood marks the start of something brand new…

    A new life, a new human, and whether you embrace it or not, a whole new you. 

    And regardless of if it’s mere months after becoming a mother or you’re still deep in the discomfort years down the track, there’s one thing you don’t have to mourn…

    Being more than just a mum!

    Imagine this…

    You wake up every morning knowing that you’re the main character of your own story. 

    You’re in the driver’s seat of your own life, and no matter how disconnected your days can sometimes leave you, you’re devoted to discovering what it’s all meant to teach you.

     You’re no longer moving through the motions.

    Instead, you’re making art from the mess, and in the micro moments of your day you’re dreaming again, dancing – smiling even – at what awaits you around the corner. 

    Change isn’t as scary as it used to be; it’s a thrill you’re learning to live for.

     And more than anything..

     ‘Losing yourself’ is no longer the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a whole new one.

    One where listening to your body is what leads you and letting things go is what frees you. 

    And all in all, there’s nothing you need to “fix”..

    Whilst this may seem like every mothers dream, it’s a far cry from what we’ve been taught to think about how motherhood should go. And these stories have stolen more from us than matrescence ever could.

    These days…

    • Mothers have no idea what matrescence even is, let alone how normal it is to feel in limbo around their identity. They make themselves wrong for something that is oh so right.

    • They have no idea what they want or need, so naturally, they struggle to communicate it to the ones that love them most. It’s a never ending cycle of feeling lost and confused.

    • They cling on to beliefs, friends, clothes and careers they’ve outgrown because they’re afraid to make space for something new. And so nothing ever really fits.

    • And they’re stuck in the stories of what society tells them they should feel, what they should do and when they should do it – and even worse, that they need to do it alone.

    But here’s the thing…

    Matrescence is meant to feel messy. 

    It’s a non-linear journey meant for exploration and expansion; a period of growth that either gets to be a playground for deeper purpose or a pit of self pity.

    You can either flow with it or resist it – but it’s happening either way.

    And it’s my mission as a Matrescence Coach to make sure that mothers can make sense of it and move through it knowing more about themselves than ever before. 

    I don’t just want to normalise it for you, but ignite a fire deep in your belly for all the ways it’s here to revolutionise your whole entire life, by:

    Embracing the full spectrum of motherhood

    Questioning everything you’ve been taught

    Letting yourself lean in to the discomfort

    And finally knowing what YOU really want.

    Matrescence can be your catalyst for change.

    You get to choose.

    I promise you that there is meaning amidst the madness.

    That you are not broken.

    And that there are very real, biological reasons for what you’re feeling (hello mum-brain!). 

    One of the best things I ever did was redirect my confusion and my mountain of questions in matrescence to what really mattered..

    What impact did I want to have on my kids?

    What did I want them to remember about me?

    What did I want to teach them?

    And most importantly, what did my body truly need?

    My journey led me to working in the birth space, and after witnessing time and time again how much planning and attention goes into our births, I couldn’t help but wonder.. What about the part that comes next?

    Not just the fourth trimester, but the years after that. The never ending search for who we are, what matters to us and what we need to let go of. 

    I wanted every mother to know that there was no set timeframe for her to take her self-discovery seriously, and that there were real tools she could use to support herself on this journey.

    Matrescence is real no matter how long you’ve been a mother; it’s never too late to start your matrescence journey.

    You see, matrescence is an internal experience. Just like adolescence, it can be wild, confusing and chaotic, but in the end, it’s just for you and only you can live it. You have to want to make it yours and explore who you are, and as someone who has gone through my own self development journey through matrescence, I can tell you that you’ll never see the world the same again.


    Because the world just doesn’t see mothers, and it sure as hell doesn’t recognise matrescence. It takes a bold reclamation to say – “No more. No more keeping matrescence behind closed doors. This is my time!”

    Everything you currently know about motherhood is a story, and more often than not, those stories aren’t yours. The overwhelm, the confusion, the disconnect – it’s all a byproduct of a narrative you never actually chose, and so now is the time to unpack that. To decide once and for all what parts of yourself to grieve and which ones to explore, and hone your skills of intuition through your body so you can expand in new and bold ways – for you and your family! This is what the true journey of matrescence is all about and together, we’re going to take that first step.

    “During the most sacred and vulnerable time of my life, to feel heard, supported and believed in was a true gift. The space Kirryn held for me and the wisdom she extended felt so safe and warm, and she truly helped to cultivate a mindset of self-belief and self love. I felt like no question I asked was ever wrong or silly, and she always had a well informed wise answer!”


    “Kirryn helped me articulate and implement my creative cues, which led me to a space mentally and emotionally where I was able to get back in touch with my creative life. Soon, things that previously would have shaken me, didn’t. I found I leaned less into overwhelm because I had tools to use instead: I communicated, I delegated, I celebrated. I was spurred into action, and action begets action!”


    Matrescence Unlocked is for the mama who is ready to reveal the true her. To dig deep into her self discovery, write a new motherhood story and reclaim what she really wants out of life

    And please know…

    This isn’t just any group coaching program. This is truly a place where you can come as you are, mess and all.

    It’s a cocoon for your dreaming. 

    A place to part ways with everything that’s made your version of motherhood wrong, so you can begin choosing what feels right, from a place of deep knowing.

    A safe space to share your heart without judgement, and be heard for what you’re really feeling. 

    Because it’s only when we feel truly received, that we can learn to receive our own wisdom within. And that’s exactly what we’re here to unlock.

    “I used to hold back a lot. I wouldn’t go play with my kids, I wouldn’t spontaneously do anything, everything needed to be planned to perfection so I could anticipate what was coming. But after working with Kirryn, I feel light and free and I feel like I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had before. I have found my inner child and I love that she’s back in my life, not giving a fuck what anybody thinks and just having fun embracing every single moment. I told my husband the other day that I feel so happy. And I don’t mean just like ‘happy’; my heart feels so full of love and gratitude and happiness that I feel like I am literally glowing from within. I’m so grateful for everything Kirryn has done for me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.”


    How it works…

    Over 12 weeks we’ll dive deep into the three layers of Matrescence Unlocked:


    A chance for you to truly understand why you are the way you are, and what stories are driving how you feel. We’ll figure out what needs to be refined and what needs to be let go – it’s time to set you free from the societal stories that are sucking you dry.


    Setting our sights on this new season of you, it’s time to ask: Who is this new me? Let’s spark your curiosity and set your compass deep within your body, so the next time you find yourself struggling upstream, you know exactly how to trust what you need and make the most of new changes.


    It’s one thing to know where we want to go, but a whole other thing to really live that way. Here you’ll set the scene for how you want to embody this new season, and what practices can solidify your new state of being. It’s time to expand into this experience with intention and action – and feel confident in knowing you can now ask for what you need.

    Together we’ll journey through:


    • 6 x live connection calls so you can ground yourself within the village and vibe with that week’s conversations
    • 6 x pre-recorded audios to pull you deeper into self-discovery
    • Embracing the Big Shifts Through Motherhood eBook for you to work through at your own pace
    • Plus a playground of prompts, meditations and activities to support your journey in those moments that you need some extra support
    • All housed in a private Facebook group for you to connect, share and easily dive into the resources from anywhere.

    Please note that the next round of Matrescence Unlocked has been indefinitely postponed. If you are interested in working with me for matrescence coaching, please contact me here. 

    You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers…

    My kids are all grown up, and yet I still feel this sense of lostness and disconnect. Is this still relevant for me?

    Yes! Matresence isn’t defined by a certain number of years or even by a certain criteria. It’s based on how YOU feel. And no matter where we are at in our motherhood journey, we can still be operating on stories and rules that we never intended to choose. You can embark on this journey at any stage of motherhood – all you have to do is choose it for yourself!

    Will this program help me with parenting my kids?

    Whilst this program is centred around motherhood, it is not a parenting program, nor will it guide you around how to show up for your kids in a specific way. What it will do however is encourage you to connect with yourself and the identity you hold as a mother, which will create a ripple effect in all areas of your life, including how you engage with mothering your children. This is a coming home to you – and all of the parts that make up who you are will be impacted as a result of the love and attention you give this level of self discovery.

    How much time do I need to participate in this?

    Matrescence Unlocked is designed to help you make the most of the micro moments in your day. Whether you have babes in arms or just short moments to play with, this is your chance to practice prioritising yourself and putting yourself first within the time that you do have. 


    Like with anything, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. However, it’s not so much the content that you’ll need to give your time to, but the way you take action on the key concepts and ideas that we talk about and how you live them within your everyday life. This is where you’ll experience those big shifts, no matter how much time you spend inside the Facebook group or listening to calls.


    That being said, all calls are recorded so you can watch them later if you can’t join live, and any pre-recorded audio content will also be short and sharp for you to dive into on a walk or when driving, if needed.

    When are the coaching calls?

    Coaching calls are scheduled to take place during the day on Tuesdays, however there is potential for an evening call if the demand is there. I encourage you to reach out to me personally if this is something that will help make it easier for you to join the program.

    How will I access the audios and other resources?

    Matrescence Unlocked will be completely hosted inside a private Facebook Group, so everything you need to access will be available there. At the end of the program, the group will be archived (meaning you won’t be able to continue posting in the group), however you will still be able to view and access the resources for as long as the group exists.

    I'm still confused about what exactly matrescence is. Help!

    Put really simply, matrescence gives sense and meaning to the all encompassing transition that women experience as they journey from maiden to mother (or mother again)..

    A woman will experience matrescence whether she gives birth vaginally, via cesarean section, surrogacy or adoption. No matter how her new baby comes into her world, she changes forever!

    Often, the changes that are normal to be experiencing through matrescence can be confused with postnatal depression. The mother feels different, it doesn’t feel like she thought she would feel. She feels confused, overwhelmed, lost within her body, unsupported, unheard, not valued. This is what we need to grow through.

    It's sounding good, but I feel quite fearful. Does this mean it's not for me?

    Hell no! It is SO normal to feel fear when we are on the cusp of big change. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone but we often feel stuck there. Like there is something missing from life. We need to push through the fear to experience growth and change. This sanctuary is designed for this! It has been created for you to show up in your full expression – whether that be fear, trepidation, or pure excitement. However you show up, you will be seen and held. If you’d like to connect with me to chat about any specific fears before deciding whether this is the right space for you, please schedule a call here. I’d love to chat with you!

    I'd love to chat to you before deciding if this is the right space for me. Can I schedule a call?

    You sure can! You can do that here. But get in as soon as you can – Early bird pricing ends Tuesday 15 February 20222 and cart closes Friday 18 February 2022.

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