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    I have created this resource that is incredibly supportive, easy to digest and actionable for Mamas as they prepare for both birth and postpartum.

    I know how much of an information overload this space can be so I’ve designed this as bite sized nuggets of gold that will land in your inbox once a day for 12 days.



    It is full of simple, easy to understand information that can powerfully transform your birth and postpartum experience



    Each day, you will have an action step to consider, research or journal about. This isn’t fluffy, forgetful tidbits, its guidance on how you can take charge of your preparation.



    You will have these emails and action steps available to revisit time and time again as you move through your journey.

    About the creator

    Hi Mama!

    My name is Kirryn and I am passionate about supporting Mums as they transition through pregnancy and into postpartum.

    I’m a childbirth educator (a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner), a Postpartum Doula AND a Mama of two beautiful girls.

    I’ve been you! My experiences led me on a journey to discover how I could empower myself and create a birth experience that felt really good to me.

    And now I want to share that knowledge with you! Because I know we are meant to thrive through birth and postpartum, not just survive.

    I’ve created this resource for you that is packed with easy to digest, but powerful information. This has been created with so much love because I want you to be armed with knowledge and support so you feel like the driver in your own experience.

    Here’s what my clients say…

    “I will be forever grateful for the support I received from Kirryn in the lead up to my son’s birth and the impact she had in helping it to be the most extraordinarily empowering experience of my life.” – Kyla

    She is one special human, compassionate, funny, knowledgeable and CALM. No question is a stupid question. We feel so very confident now and excited about meeting our little one. No fear, pure happiness.” – Giulia

    Kirryn has a wealth of knowledge and delivered the course in such a supportive and empowering nature.” – Alessandra

    Are you ready to arm yourself through knowledge and planning? Of course you are!

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