Kirryn Simpson

    Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner


    Helping women and their birth partners feel confident,

    empowered and excited about birth. 


    About me

    Hey there Mama Bear! My name is Kirryn and here is my story on how I stumbled across hypnobirthing. I fell pregnant early 2017 and after the initial first few weeks of pure joy and excitement that we were finally pregnant, my mind quickly wandered to how on earth I was going to get this baby out (dun duuuun!).

    I knew that if my (loving and supportive) husband told me to relax during labor, I would most likely not take to kind to it. So, I started looking for a birth doula (in my mind, a referee) but I couldn’t find one. My estimated due date was 2 January so of course everyone was going away with their families over Christmas break.

    I gave up my search and tried to put it out of my mind and managed to for a little while. But as I hit my third trimester the fear was creeping back and getting stronger and stronger every week. I knew I needed help so started trawling google again for something, anything that might help me. That is when I stumbled upon hypnobirthing. Again, I looked for someone who could teach me but at the late stage of pregnancy I was at (about 36 weeks), I couldn’t line anybody up. More searching and I found the Hypnobubs online course which is the same Hypnobirthing Australia program that I teach today.

    My husband and I watched all the videos and I madly practiced the techniques in my last few weeks of pregnancy. Now I was educated, excited and knew that my husband and I were on the same page. We were going into the birth as a team and we each had our roles. If he told me to relax my face, I knew exactly why he was saying it and what it would mean for my body if I listened to him (good things Mama, good things!). Our beautiful 3.5kg baby girl was born via drug free waterbirth after 7 hours of active labour and I only have joy filled memories when I think back on the day.


    What can you expect if you work with me?

    Birth is exciting, birth can be fun, the room can be filled with joy and love and respect. By arming you with a killer toolkit you can remove any fear, anxiety or reservations you hold around birth. You don’t need fear; it doesn’t serve you in any positive way – so let’s work together to say buh-bye to those negative emotions.

    Safe and inclusive learning environment

    Everybody’s choices and preferences will be respected. Classes are a safe space to discuss all different options without fear of judgement.

    Welcoming environment for your birth partner

    Your birth partner has a big role in supporting you throughout labour and birth, so they will feel included and welcomed throughout all the classes. 

    Ongoing support until baby is earth side

    If you have questions, queries or concerns that arise after the classes have finished, I am available to you to text or call to talk through your concerns. 

    Research backed advice

    You can feel at ease knowing that the content of the program is all supported by research and scientific evidence. 

    Are you ready?

    I want to be your birth bestie working with you and your birth partner to get you both ready for your big day! I’ll be backing you, encouraging you and teaching you all the important information to help you become the best birthing team possible. I’ll be the kind of bestie that is around for you to vent to, ask questions or share your exciting news in the lead up to your big day. 

    So, are you ready to kick fear away and learn how to have a positive birth experience? I would love for you to reach out. I’m not a pushy bestie so if you just want to chat more about how I might be able to help you then still hit me up. I look forward to our chats!

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