Are you ready to feel excited, confident and empowered about birth?

    It’s time to put yourself in the drivers seat

    What is the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program?

    We’ve heard it all before – hypnobirthing is for hippies, it’s all ‘woo woo’, it’s not worth it because you can’t control the outcome. Well Mama Bear, I’m here to tell you the other side. Hypnobirthing is about education, arming you with knowledge to know what will happen to your body, what your rights are, the (scientific) effect that fear will have on your body. We teach your birth partner techniques on how to support you – it will no longer be well meaning but ineffective support. You will feel empowered, excited, supported and encouraged; and your birth partner will feel a sense of purpose.



    You and your birth partner will become a strong, unshakable birthing team



    You will be prepared to make informed decisions about your preferences and any changes that arise


    Tools & Preparation

    You will learn a tonne of tools to prepare your mind and body for the birthing day

    Acknowledgement of Country

    I acknowledge and honor the First Nations peoples, paying respects to Elders past and present as custodians of this land. I work on the land of the Noongar people of the Whadjuk nation.

    About Me

    Hi Mama Bear! My name is Kirryn and I am a certified Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner. I am so passionate about teaching the Positive Birth Program to pregnant Mamas and their birth partners because I know these techniques truly work! I used the exact same program for the birth of my daughter and my mindset switched from extreme fear and feeling out of control to calm, prepared and excited. I want that for you too!

    Are you ready to learn in a relaxed, safe and inclusive environment?

    Everyone’s idea of a positive birth is different – what does it mean to you? When you think about describing your birth 6 months after your precious bundle has entered the world, what words, emotions and feelings come to mind? It doesn’t matter the path you choose to take, I can help you work towards your own version of a positive birth!


    “We are soooo glad we did the course now, otherwise honestly I would feel so lost haha thank you again…Thank you for your love and support. Matty said ‘thank you so much, I got this’ ” – Tayla

    “…this course taught me multiple ways to contribute and support my wife rather than the old squeeze my hand routine of old. I would recommend this to anyone” – Liam

    “Labour was something that I was taught to be scared of. It is now something I embrace with the training and tools taught by Kirryn” – Kim

    Are you ready to take the first step?

    It can all feel a bit overwhelming…with a tonne of advice being thrown at you the moment you announce your pregnancy, it is hard to know what you should filter out and what you should take notice of. 

    If you are ready to put yourself in the drivers seat of your birth, the Positive Birth Program is a big step in the right direction. The information is backed by scientific research (a bit more credible than Aunty Joan’s advice), the techniques are really practical and it is all delivered in bite size chunks to reduce overwhelm. 

    If you are still unsure whether this program will be able to help you, or if I am the right fit to teach you this program, then please schedule a call and we can chat about your specific situation. If you don’t think I am the right fit for you, I will more than happily refer you on to other Practitioners who may be a better fit.  

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